Washington D.C. at Night

My first trip on an airplane since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was to Washington D.C. in April 2021. The center city was still quiet as most of the inside museums were still closed and traffic was very light. From a photography standpoint, that was just fine as it made getting around very easy and convenient.

Photographing mostly after dark with a group from National Parks at Night, we visited the major monuments and memorials, along with some of the lesser known sites. Above, I composited the two most prominent features on the National Mall with the Washington Monument on top of the Lincoln Memorial, both with the reflecting pool that was very still at that time.

In April, the full moon has a pinkish tone shown here rising along the Imo Jima U.S. Marine Corps Memorial. I will have more from Washington D.C. in future posts, a beautiful city and very worthy to be the nation’s capital.

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