Vintage Drive and Station Dancing – Digital Art Scenes

Going back through some older images in the downtime of the pandemic, I wanted to create something more exciting from some of my night street scenes using compositing techniques. The images below use parts of my own photos, but from different places.

Vintage Night Drive

In this first piece, I combined an evening scene from Hamilton, a sleepy college town in upstate New York, with a classic Plymouth car that I found in Havana, Cuba. By adding some lighting and shadow effects, the village scene comes alive on a misty night.

South Station Dancing

This second composition is of South Station, Boston’s downtown transit hub which is occasionally lit up in different colors. I caught it in red, white and blue one evening which was great. Still, the photo needed something, so I added this dancing couple which came from a scene in Times Square, New York City. Since the couple had an umbrella, I added some rain and wet pavement effects as well.

I hope you enjoyed my latest composite pieces of digital art!

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