Leaving Boston City Hall

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was confirmed on March 22nd by the U.S. Senate to serve as Secretary of Labor as part of President Biden’s cabinet. As such, he has resigned as Mayor and is “Leaving Boston City Hall,” inspiring this latest piece in the spirit of my City Vibes series.

Leaving Boston City Hall

To create this piece of digital art, I took several photos from Boston City Hall over the years, exterior and interior, combining them in a series of multiple exposures. The exterior photos were from when the brutalist-style building was lit up for a Patriots Super Bowl win. The interior photographs are from the 5th floor, where the Mayor’s office and City Council were located. The “Boston” sign is an art exhibition hung on a wooden wall outside City Hall. On the bottom of the image is a montage of crowds gathering on City Hall Plaza for various protests and events. Lastly, I inserted Marty Walsh himself, waving goodbye.

Walsh took office in 2014 and I followed his time as Mayor from the beginning as editor of NorthEndWaterfront.com. As a neighbor of mine once said, he actually seemed to like his job. In the North End, he was a regular whether it was nearly breaking his back trying to carry saints in the annual feasts, cutting ribbons or hosting his coffee hours.

It was a good run for the community under Mayor Walsh helped by a booming economy as the City funded work on parks, affordable housing and schools. Crime in Boston hit record lows and the city avoiding many problems seen in other cities, even during the pandemic. He was also a supporter of large developments that will forever change the character of downtown Boston. We are all hoping that the added growth will be worth the congestion.

Welcome to Kim Janey, City Council President, who steps in as Acting-Mayor until the November election, marking the first woman and first Black person to hold the mayoral role in the City of Boston. Janey has yet to announce if she will run for the full four-year term in what is shaping up to be a very competitive race.

Marty, thank you for your service to Boston and congratulations on the new gig in Washington D.C.. Enjoy the cherry blossoms and maybe I will see you at a Dunkin’ when I visit D.C. in late April. They have Dunkin’s there, right?

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