Flying T-Balls at the Paramount

Have you seen the new T transportation system taking over the downtown streets of Boston? Look what I found at the Paramount Theater stop on a recent night.

Flying T-Balls at the Paramount

This was a fun piece of digital art to create. With the pandemic, the streets are very empty creating very few good subjects to photograph. Of course, the Paramount lights are terrific and Washington Street has a great streetscape.

Original Photo Before Composite

Take a look at the the original photo before I added anything to it. It’s ok, even good. Yet, I felt there was something missing. Not even a car or person to be found.

As I was walking through downtown, I came across these cool sphere sculptures by Lars Erik Fisk on display at High Street.

Sphere sculptures by Lars Erik Fisk

There are two of them, one of a red-line T-train and the other of the Fenway score board.

Looking at my Paramount streetscape, I thought the T-ball would make a great type of futuristic taxi (clean energy, of course!) coming down the street. Once I had the first T-ball traveling horizontally, it just seemed to make sense to go all the way and have a second once levitating down parallel to the Paramount sign.

So, with a bit of Photoshop magic, voila! Hence, was created the Flying T-Balls at the Paramount.

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