Snow Halloween Eve

It was a rare snow halloween eve in Boston as a freakish storm passed through and covered the city streets with a slick white layer. Many trees have yet to lose their fall leaves making for an interesting mix of autumn colors with the winterly mix.

Gleaming North Square Streetscape

The lights of North Square shined particularly bright with the bit of snow covering the iron chains, the gas lanterns and the rooftop of the Paul Revere House. It reminded me of how the film studios wet down the street to set up a shot when they film. Here, it brought out the look of the classic cobblestones in the square while the lights of downtown provide the backdrop. It was just around dinnertime so cars were streaming into the neighborhood as folks were coming and going to the area restaurants.

Custom House Tower

Through the snow covered trees, the Custom House tower broke through the night sky. For many years, the Custom House was the tallest tower in the City of Boston.

No outdoor dining tonight

Several inches of snow piled up on the outdoor tables on Hanover Street which closed for the night as patio dining was not an option.

Snow on the Greenway Carousel

The snow bunny on the Rose Kennedy Greenway carousel was off to the races as a white layer graced the greenery and fall foliage around the structure.

View to the Zakim Bridge

Through the new developments and trees surrounding the Greenway around North Station, the Zakim Bridge rises up as cars emerge from the I-93, Big Dig tunnel, looking north.

Halloween Snow in the Alley

A pumpkin display set out for trick or treating gets covered with snow as a North End alley is slick with falling snow.

First Snow in the Prado

The Freedom Trail leading into the Prado and Paul Revere statue glistens as a fresh layer of snow covers the trees and spire of of the Old North Church.

Snow Hits Hanover Street in Boston’s North End

Boston’s first snow in late October covers a bench, plants and a bicycle on Hanover Street at night in Boston’s North End. So cold, but yet so comforting.

Blue moon over the waterfront

Commercial Wharf on Boston’s waterfront is the scene for this Halloween blue moon shining brightly from above and reflecting the layer of snow covering the marina and boats still in the water.

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